Video file handling

Although designed primarily for use with still images Photini can also be used with video files. The Image selector Open images dialogue normally shows image files only (.jpg, .gif, etc.) but has a drop down selector to choose video files (.mov, .mp4, etc.) instead, or all file types.

The Exiv2 metadata library cannot write to video files, so Photini will always use XMP sidecars for the metadata you write. Video files can also be rather large, so rewriting them could take some time. Photini can read some metadata from video files if you have installed FFmpeg on your computer. (See installation - optional dependencies.)

Most video files don’t have thumbnails, but Photini may be able to create one if you have FFmpeg installed on your computer. Right-click on the file and choose regenerate thumbnail from the popup menu. If Photini is able to generate a thumbnail it will store it in the XMP sidecar file.

The Flickr uploader tab can upload video files, but expect it to be slow. Video files can be very large.

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