Change Log

Photini - a simple photo metadata editor.
Copyright (C) 2012-15  Jim Easterbrook

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see

Changes in v15.09.1:
  1/ Fix bug with importer not recognising some image types

Changes in v15.09.0:
  1/ Fix bugs with Qt4 and Python 3 introduced in last release.
  2/ Improved widgets on 'technical' and 'descriptive' tabs.

Changes in v15.08.1:
  1/ Added Spanish translation of program strings.
  2/ Added option to always write IPTC data.
  3/ Improved speed on slow computers.
  4/ Use PyQt5 if installed, PyQt4 otherwise.
  5/ Fixed several minor bugs and annoyances.

Changes in v15.07.1:
  1/ Convert incompatible image formats before upload to Picasa/Flickr.
  2/ Added lens selector to 'technical' tab.
  3/ Improved internal handling of image metadata.
  4/ Include subseconds in time stamps.

Changes in v15.06.0:
  1/ No longer store Picasa/Flickr login data in plain text file.
  2/ Restructured Picasa and Flickr uploaders.
  3/ Moved documentation to

Changes in v15.05.0:
  1/ Added aperture and focal length to 'technical' tab.
  2/ Expanded range of file types that can be opened.
  3/ Fixed several minor bugs and annoyances.

Changes in v15.01.1:
  1/ Fixed several minor bugs and annoyances.
  2/ Removed need for 2to3 conversion when installing with Python3.

Changes in v15.01.0:
  1/ Removed Picasa uploader dependency on gdata-python-client.
  2/ Several minor bug fixes.

Changes in v14.10.0:
  1/ Improved drag and drop of images on to map.
  2/ Fixed some map bugs caused by '\' in Windows file paths.

Changes in v14.09.0:
  1/ Importer can now copy from any directory on the computer.
  2/ Linux installer now adds a menu shortcut.

Changes in v14.08.1:
  1/ Added stuff to build a Windows all-in-one installer.
  2/ Fixed some bugs, mostly when running on Windows.

Changes in v14.08.0:
  1/ Major rewrite of metadata handling to be more compliant with MWG
  2/ Improved handling of metadata in non utf-8 character sets.

Changes in v14.07.0:
  1/ Changed version numbering scheme, again.
  2/ Minor bug fix in camera image importer.

Changes in v14.06.dev108:
  1/ Now Python 3 compatible.
  2/ Added ability to import pictures from a camera.
  3/ Much improved documentation.
  4/ Simplified Picasa uploader.
  5/ Uploaders now have just one progress bar.
  6/ Simplified installation process.

Changes in v14.04.dev63:
  1/ Changed version numbering scheme.
  2/ Added ability to offset several photo timestamps by same amount.
  3/ Added a logging window to display error messages.
  4/ Can now create Flickr sets/albums.
  5/ Can now use XMP sidecar files.
  6/ Flickr uploader can now use v2 of flickrapi.
  7/ Switched to a different map tile provider for Open Street Map.
  8/ Simplified documentation build process.

Changes in v13.09_r20:
  1/ Added Google Picasa uploader.
  2/ Added menu option to select which tabs to use.

Changes in v13.05_r7:
  1/ Changed version numbering scheme.
  2/ Added ability to drag and drop files to image list area.
  3/ Numerous bug fixes.

Changes in v13.02_a515056:
  1/ Fixed bug with GPS accuracy.

Changes in v13.01_f2bbd24:
  1/ Started writing a user manual.
  2/ Started using GExiv2 instead of deprecated pyexiv2.

Changes in v13.01_43a0943:
  1/ Changed version numbering scheme.
  2/ Added ability to change image orientation.
  3/ Added a Flickr uploader.